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Section 1: Training

Elements of a training session

Elements of a training sessions

A training session is a 'chunk' of learning that lets you cover a self-contained block of information without overwhelming the learner with too much information.

A good way to plan the content of a training session is to think of it in terms of three basic sections - introduction, body and conclusion. Below is an example of how you could develop a training session in a practical workplace skill, using these three parts as a framework for the content.


The introduction is where you establish the purpose of the session and get the learners interested. You can do this by:

  • giving a broad outline of the topic, showing how the information and skills are relevant to their job

  • finding out what the participants already know

  • explaining what they will need to do in the session and what they'll learn

  • explaining how they will be assessed.


This is where the actual skills and knowledge are presented and where the real learning takes place. Here you should:

  • demonstrate the skills, or explain the concepts in detail

  • ask the participants to do it themselves, and supervise them while they're practising

  • ask questions of the participants to check their understanding.


The conclusion lets you wrap up the session so that participants know where they have got up to, and where they will pick up from next time. Here you should:

  • review what you've covered in the session

  • give the participants feedback on how they're performing

  • answer any questions that they may have

  • briefly describe what will happen in the next training session.