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This learning resource has been developed by Workspace Training for Industry Network Training and Assessment Resources (INTAR). Workspace Training is the Registered Training Organisation of McElvenny Ware Pty Ltd (ABN: 38 119 120 955), PO Box 1954 Strawberry Hills NSW 2012.

Project team

Writer: David McElvenny

Instructional designer: Kath Ware

Web developer: Alex Vaughan

Programmer: Jim Vaughan

All photos were taken by David McElvenny, many of which have been re-worked using the Photoshop ‘poster edges’ effect. All drawings were produced by Kath Ware. The logo and web design were developed by Alex Vaughan

Thanks to Giselle Mawer for advice on the content and structure of the resource.

Source material

Many of the ideas and training tips presented in this resource have been around for a long time, and are used by trainers everywhere. Some of these ideas were documented succinctly in the 1999 ANTA publication: Facilitator’s Pack, Training Package for Assessment and Workplace Training, BSZ98. Where those methods and concepts have been included in this resource, they have been updated to reflect current practices.