Why subscribe?

The subscription resources we produce are kept up-to-date through subscriber fees and regular communication with our clients and industry experts.

The major subscription project we are working on at the moment is the Flooring Technology website. The funding we receive from subscribers goes directly into the development costs for new units, which are aligned to the latest version of the trade qualification: MFS30818 Certificate III in Flooring Technology. We are also progressively updated older units, which were delivered for the superseded MFS30813 qualification.

Subscribers are provided with electronic files of the following print-based materials on a USB stick, and are also given a password to download these documents from the website:

  • Learner guides - which are hard copy versions of the material displayed on the website
  • Workbooks - providing learning exercises and assignments for the students to complete
  • Assessment tools - which can be used as they stand or built into the training provider's own assessment system.

All materials are provided in PDF and Word versions. Subscribers are free to brand the cover page of the Word versions with their own logos, and to modify the content material if they wish. You may print off as many copies of the hard copy resources you need, as long as they are only distributed to your own students.

TAFE Institutes who subscribe to the Flooring Technology website are also provided with membership of the National Flooring Trainers Association, and their teachers are invited to attend the annual NFTA conference.

At the NFTA conference, the teachers discuss issues of importance relating to the flooring trade qualification, and work together to validate the assessment tools and other training materials against the corresponding units of competence. At the end of the validation session, all teachers sign off against the validation documents, which can then be used by their TAFE institute as evidence of compliance with the Standards for RTOs 2015.

For more information about the NFTA, please contact Craig Bennett at: