Welcome to INTAR

Industry Network Training and Assessment Resources (INTAR) is a resource development company that specialises in writing and distributing materials for the Tertiary Education sector.

Some of our resources are made available to clients via a subscription service. Our subscription members include Universities, TAFE Institutes, private RTOs, industry associations, individual students and other interested parties. Access to these resources is via a login page.

Other resources are made available for free, particularly where they have been developed under a 'creative commons' licence with the aid of government funding. Many of the web-based resources listed in the menu bar at right are in this category. Please note that some of these free resources are aligned to Training Packages that have since been superseded.

Benefits of subscribing to INTAR resources and services

The subscription resources we produce are kept up-to-date through subscriber fees and regular communication with our clients and industry experts.

For resources that are aligned to national Training Packages, we provide our subscribers with the following additional materials and services:

  • downloadable print-based learner guides and student workbooks
  • participation in the validation groups that meet to validate assessment tools and strategies
  • forums for direct consultation with manufacturers, employers and other industry personnel
  • evidence of continuous improvement, validation and consultation processes, suitable for use in demonstrating compliance with the Standards for RTOs 2015.