The INTAR team

Project development team

The project development team comprises the following members:

David McElvenny - project manager and lead writer

David McElvenny - project manager and lead writer.

David holds a masters degree in education and has worked as a workplace trainer and assessor for over 20 years.

His background is in the timber industry, where he still delivers occasional technical courses. But most of his time these days is spent developing training materials for TAFEs, private RTOs and industrial companies.

Jim Vaughan - programmer and web developer

Jim Vaughan - programmer and web developer.

Jim is a specialist computer systems analyst and applications developer, with extensive experience in HTML, XML, XHTML, aspx, php, c# and databases including MSAccess, MYSQL, SQL Server.

He is experienced in developing sites that comply with the WCAG accessibility guidelines.

Jim also has a background as a quality auditor.

Kath Ware - instructional designer and graphic artist

Kath Ware - instructional designer and graphic artist.

Kath produces the digital line drawings and formats the print-based materials that are downloadable from the website resources.

She also proof reads and edits all materials and carries out the administrative functions of the business.

Alex Vaughan - assistant programmer and voice-over narrator

Alex Vaughan - assistant programmer and voice-over narrator.

Alex encodes the text and graphics into HTML pages and builds the websites.

For the resources that have a voice-over narration, he provides the voice.

When not busy with INTAR work Alex is a contemporary-classical and jazz composer and has studied extensively in Germany at the famous Franz Liszt Hochschule Weimar.

His artistic website can be found at

Project advisory committees

Our projects involve national technical advisory groups and review panels.

Members are made up of TAFE teachers, private RTO trainers, industry practitioners, product manufacturers, association representatives and other people who have expertise in the topics being covered.

All materials are trialled by the teachers in draft form and undergo extensive reviews, quality assurance and fine-tuning. Even after they pass through the draft stages and reach the 'final publishable' version, they are still regularly validated and updated to ensure that they remain current and in full compliance with the relevant Training Package.

The project advisory committee for each of the resources developed by INTAR is shown on the 'Acknowledgements' page for that resource.