Free resources

Over the years, prior to setting up the INTAR network, we developed many resources for government departments.

These are licensed by the Commonwealth Government for public use under a 'creative commons' copyright arrangement.

Below is a selection of the government-funded resources we have developed.

For more information about the copyright conditions, or advice on how to access and use them, please contact David McElvenny at:

WELL Projects

The Workplace English Language and Literacy (WELL) Program funded the two projects listed below. Note that we have since added new materials to both of these projects, and the new website versions are freely available to all users - see the links in the side menu bar at right.


The Toolboxes listed below were funded by the Commonwealth Government through the Australian Flexible Learning Framework. At the time of development they were aligned to the FPI11 Training Package, which has since been superseded by the FWP Training Package. Nonetheless, the learning material contained in these websites is still very relevant to the updated competencies.