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Unit: Inspecting and testing subfloors

LMFFL2004A: Moisture test timber and concrete floors
LMFFL3101A: Inspect sub-floors

Section 2: Moisture in subfloors

Just for fun

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Moisture content changes in timber

In this section we've talked about how the nature of wood changes as it gradually dries out. These changes tend to occur at particular moisture content levels.

See if you can match up the terms shown below with their corresponding moisture levels.

Click on the term first and then in the space where it belongs.

The term that corresponds to 0% has been filled in for you. 'Oven dry' means that a small sample of wood has been put into a special drying oven and dried until there is no moisture left in it. This process is used to find out exactly how much the woody fibres weigh in a sample test piece.

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